Condo or Home Ownership in Pompano Beach?

Condo or Home Ownership in Pompano Beach?

Ready to own a condo or a house in Pompano Beach? Which one is better?

condo real estate 300x200 - Condo or Home Ownership in Pompano Beach?If you are going for a house you probably have been living in a small condo and feel you need the extra space. Maybe you are tired of hearing the neighbors steps in the middle of the night or other noises that are driving you crazy. Either way, when you are ready to buy a property you want the best deal and live there for many years to come.

Why choose a condo over a house?

Even if you have been living in a condo and still want to buy one it could be for certain features a building offers that a house doesn’t. For example, a city or an ocean view; hard to get unless you live in a house by the beach or the inter-coastal. That means the price tag comes higher when living in luxury homes. Also, condos are usually located in areas close to shopping centers, restaurants, and amenities that attract a certain crowd that is in a stage of life driven by these type of lifestyle.

pompano beach homes 300x225 - Condo or Home Ownership in Pompano Beach?Age also plays a big factor in getting a condo instead of a house. If you don’t have kids and need a small space that covers your needs, a house might seem too big for just yourself. Keeping a house clean at all times is time-consuming and a homeowner committed to keeping up with not only the inside but also the outside of the property. That being said, when someone is looking for a condo they know exactly why they will choose it over a house.

On the other hand, if you used to live in a condo and want a house, you won’t be satisfied until you purchase one. Some people want a change probably because they have always lived in a condo and later in life are seeking a more suburban area to live. Also, If you are starting a family or you already have one, you understand that a condo will seem smaller every time you buy things for the younger ones. A garage or an extra room always comes in handy.

Home price tag and homeowners association

Usually, condo associations are more expensive than homeowner’s fees for a house but you can find affordable condos accessible to any budget. It all depends on the location and the number of bedrooms. In South Florida, closer to the beach means more money! In the end, it all depends on how much you can afford between a mortgage payment in addition to the homeowner fees and other expenses that will add up at the end of the month. At Giovanni Crupi, we provide you with the best house market deals available in your desired neighborhood and help you acquire the property you have envisioned.

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